Weekend Folly’s

I can’t believe I’m up to day 10 with starts. Its quiet a good few starts. I’m now in the process of working out the best rotation for me with all these projects. If you’ve any hints or tips don’t be afraid to leave them in the comment box.

Well here are the folly starts from the weekend.

Day 8 I started a John Clayton Connections kit by Heritage Crafts called Calla Lily. As you can guess I swapped the aida and I am doing it on 28ct Jazlyn evenweave in Antique White. I love this shade its so much softer and easier on the eye than just plain white, which can be a bit harsh on the eyes.
Anyway here are some pictures for you.

Cover picture

Progress after 2hrs 45 mins

Kit : John Clayton Connections by Heritage Crafts called Calla Lily
Worked on 28 ct Jazlyn evenweave in Antique White
Using threads in the kit.
Day 9 I started a Dimensions Gold Petite Collection kit that my friend Heather gave me at christmas. This uses 18 count aida so I’m using that and haven’t switched it yet. This is one of the first kits I’ve used colour blending on so its something new to learn and try out.
Here are the pictures.
Cover Picture

Progress after 2 hrs 30 mins
Kit : Dimensions Gold Collection Petite called Overlook Cafe
Worked on the 18 ct Aida supplied and using the threads supplied.
Day 10 saw me starting what I’m going to call my Motto piece. Its a kit by Dimensions ( have you noticed I like dimensions ) and its called The Journey. I again switched the aida for 28 ct Jazlyn evenweave Antique White…good job I bought a big piece lol. This is to remind me to enjoy this crazy journey and not to get caught up with trying to finish everything. To just enjoy stitching each of these projects.
Here are the pictures.
cover picture

Progress after 3hrs 15mins

Kit : Dimensions called The Journey
Worked on 28 ct Jazlyn evenweave Antique White
Threads supplied.
I also finished off some presents which I can’t show you just yet as my dear friend Lucie will see lol
I did another bit on my Mrs Darcy sampler which I will take a picture of soon.
Thank you to all who are following this crazy challenge and I appreciate all your comments and love reading them.
Welcome also to my new followers.
Happy stitching
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15 Responses to Weekend Folly’s

  1. Well done on yet some more fantastic starts Ruth. I just love all the kits! When I saw the Gold Collection kit it just shouted out 'Ruth'!Happy stitching to you, my wonderful friend 🙂

  2. thoeria says:

    Oh Ruth you are a brave brave one! Love your choice of projects for your Folly!

  3. Lucie says:

    You are right Heather – the Gold Collection is very Ruth.Well done on some fab starts 🙂

  4. Sandie says:

    Hi Ruth – I love the Clayton Calla lily. I did a series of 4 blue/cream flowers he produced a few years ago, never did get round to framing them tho! I love your starts.

  5. Tricia says:

    Well done Ruth on your new starts. Please let me know how you get on with the Journey as I have the kit as well.

  6. Xeihua says:

    Lovely starts Ruth,I'm also a huge fan of Dimensions so I'll love to follow your progress on them 🙂

  7. Meari says:

    Lots of pretty starts. Good luck with them!

  8. I especially love the first two. Congrats on getting them all done by New Year's Eve (what year ????) Enjoy!!!

  9. MaryT says:

    Really good starts Ruth, I haven't tried the jazzlyn but would love to give it a go.Mary Louise

  10. Courtney says:

    Wow! Those much take forever to complete. I love looking at them much don't have the patience to create them.♥ Following your blog now from sb!

  11. Bubbles says:

    I have tried x stitch but I can't do it, I just don't have the right concentration for it :(. I do however like the way yours are turning out and I can't wait to see what the finished items will look like.swapbot samash

  12. K says:

    IF only I had the patience for cross stitch! Following you back!~K

  13. Lima says:

    Oh wow I bet they'll look very good once you've finished :DGood luck with your work!Lima (from swap-bot, for "Blog Comment Swap")

  14. I've never been able to figure out the stitching thing. I bet it turns out great when you are done.Shannon (beckboar swap-bot)

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