Mothers Day

Wishing all Mammy’s out there a very Happy Mothers Day, hope you have all been spoilt rotten and taken care of.

Here are the pictures of my hanger for my mum for Mother’s Day.

She loves a game of bingo and it is our thing to do together to go for a game. I had a different type of hanger in mind but my sister asked why not do bingo and against my protests of I can’t find anything bingo related she told me to design something… So I did.

It was quite daunting as this is the first time I’ve designed something from scratch, yes I’ve changed things I didn’t like on patterns but not something from blank.

Here are a couple of pictures of the finished hanger.

The finished hanger

A close up

Fabric – 16ct white pre finished 4inch bookmark aida
DMC threads
White leaves metal hanger
Its not a very close up picture but the row of bingo balls top and bottom spell Bingo Queen and each of the markers say bingo. The page is what a page of our bingo books look like and when I brought home a sample of the page near identical in size.
I can say she just loved it. Its totally individual to my Mum and a unique design that no one else will have.
Happy stitching,
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7 Responses to Mothers Day

  1. Xeihua says:

    It's really cute. Congratulations on the hanger.And the fact that it was designed by you for your mum makes it even more special. You're mum must be really happy with it.

  2. Beautiful! So glad your mother liked it! It's always nice to be appreciated!Melissa

  3. Tricia says:

    Oh Ruthr thats so clever, your mum will treasure it , I love it xx

  4. Mouse says:

    oo that is lovely idea 🙂 hope your mum loved it and happy mothers day to you .. hope you got treated from your munchkins 🙂 love mouse xxx

  5. Carolyn NC says:

    Ruth, that is so awesome and such a sweet gift!

  6. Kathy A. says:

    Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on your blog. I have become a follower and look forward to seeing your stitches.I love the Bingo bookmark for your Mom. Very cool.

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