One of my dear stitching friends Tricia has her birthday, today the 15th March.
I made this little hanger for her. It was my first time backing a hanger with material and I just used a piece of wadding to pad it out a bit rather than stuffing to make it more pillow like.
I like the finish on it but have to get the hang of using the machine for sewing things up, lol, I’ve only ever handstitched.

Before being made up
The front of the hanger
The fabric backing

For this I used
Red Hot Mama’s Booklet No 1 by Jeanette Crews Designs
DMC Threads
Krenkik #4 Fine Braid Gold
Fabric For Backing
Blue Ribbon for Hanger
Wadding for padding it out.

Happy Birthday Tricia

Happy stitching,

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7 Responses to Hanger

  1. Carolyn NC says:

    Nice job – too cute!

  2. Tricia says:

    Thank you ruth for such a wonderful present, I love it and you know me so well :p xxx

  3. Ruth says:

    Tricia it was my pleasure and I saw it and thought of you immediately

  4. Hi Ruth, what lovely stitching you do… Your hanger looks fantastic. I have also had a look at your humbug and biscornus – you're a very clever lady!Thank you for dropping into my blog and I loved the Irish poem :-)It is lovely to find a new blogging stitching friend. Look forward to "speaking" to you again soon!Can't wait to see your progress on your "April Fool's Folly"http://firefliescatsinthegarden.blogspot.com/

  5. Lovely Hanger Ruth. well done to you xxx

  6. Lynn B says:

    Hi Ruth,Thankyou for the lovely comment on my afternoon Tea post, I think it is one of my favourite thing to do! I love the verse on your latest stitching, very funny!I could not reply direct because your email was set as no reply.Kind regardsLynn B

  7. Nancy in IL says:

    Thank you Ruth, for your comment on my tribute to Bear. Your sincere sympathy is deeply felt. On the stitching front, I love your darling hanger. The saying is soooo cute! Nice job!

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