January Birthday Exchanges.

This week I’m working on some items for birthday exchanges on openminders.
I’m currently making up the January birthday present’s and an atc card.

This year I’m in several different birthday exchanges. 3 different thread exchanges, a present, a peel off and an atc exchange.
Everyone who has signed up gets a card, shop bought or home made and either a certain thread assigned to the sender by the organiser as in the birthday exchanges or a small present in the birthday present exchange, an atc card (artist trading cards) or a sheet of peel offs on their birthday.
So when your own birthday comes around you should be getting lots of cards, threads, presents, peel offs and atc cards. Now you can’t ask for much better than that.

For the January birthdays I’ve bought notebooks and personalised them with the birthday girls initial and a butterfly.
I’ve stitched the atc card for this month. An atc card is a 3.5x 2.5 card made up by the artist with their details on the back and a sample of their work on the front. They are swapped and traded, never sold.

This is the atc for the atc exchange.

These are some notebooks I did for the birthday present exchange.

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