Table Runner

I’ve decided to go for something a little different with my Mum’s Christmas Present this year and decided to give a table runner a go. Now I cheated a wee bit by buying a pre made one with an aida panel.

I’ve picked a design of flowers to match her dining room so she can use it all year round. Some flowers are stitched and some are backstitched.

I’ve started it and have one of the stitched flowers nearly complete.
After one full days stitching on the table runner, I’m nearly a quarter of the way through, not bad going.

Here’s a few pics of what I got done so far.

A close up of two out of the three flowers

Two of the flowers complete with the third nearly done

Well I got working on the table runner over the weekend, Saturday only but I’m just over half way there and I’ve a week and a half left to get if finished and pressed and wrapped.

The table runner, just over half way through.

I got the table runner finished on the 23rd, just in the nick of time I’d say.
Here are some pics of the finished piece.

This is the centre panel all stitched and complete

This is the table runner as a whole.

I have enjoyed stitching this design and would definitely be up for stitching another one.

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