8th – 14th Oct 2010

This weeks stitching will hopefull see another 15 sided biscornu done as part of the seasonal biscornu exchange I’m doing on openminders.

I also have a themed round robin with a theme of fantasy and a snowman round robin.

Well I also received in an xmas rr which is done and ready to post out again, pics to follow shortly and I’ve also started the fantasy rr.

Well this week I finished the 15 sided biscornu, I also got the themed round robin and the xmas round robin all done.

Pics below on the robin’s and in the next post for the biscornu.

The xmas rr completed this week

The fantasy themed rr completed this week

Happy Stitching,

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1 Response to 8th – 14th Oct 2010

  1. craftyme says:

    love all your cross stitches Ruth :)Suzanne xxx

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