Ruairi’s Easter RR

On Openminders we are currently working on easter round robins, early I know but in order to have them completed and home in time it necessitates this early start.

This is round robin when completed and home is going to be turned into a framed picture for my second youngest son Ruairi.

He picked out this little chicken and egg and came up with the title “Hoppity Hoppity Hop” not bad for a 2 and 1/2 year old.
This is the progress so far and I hope to get it finished title and all over today, fingers crossed.

Progress so far

After yesterdays work I’ve the main design completed and I’ve started on the title so just a little more on it and perhaps a few other smaller easter designs. Hopefully today should see it finished and ready for posting, just in time too.

This is the main design, picked by Ruairi from different pictures and just put together

Well I finished the design as far as I can. I want to put something under the main design I’ve done but as I’m still unsure what that should be I’ve left it blank until it comes home. Its going to make its way round England, Scotland and Wales before coming back home to stay. I want to thank all the lovely ladies in my group – Lucie, Jane, Jenny and Steph, for stitching on it and I can’t wait to see it completed and I’m sure Ruairi is just as excitied as I am.

This is the robin leaving home for its journey…..

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